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Dental Fillings Las Vegas

Las Vegas dental fillings are the most common procedures performed in a dentist’s office. When a tooth begins to decay, patients hear the dreaded word, “cavity.” Dental fillings restore the look and function of the tooth and prevent the cavity from getting worse. In order to fill a cavity, the dentist must remove the decay, clean the cavity and then fill the hole with special materials.

Cavities cause high levels of anxiety in many patients, and it’s the reason many people avoid the dentist. In Las Vegas, dental fillings are common and so are the doctors who perform them. But at ABC Dental Care, Dr. Kevin Khorshid and his team go the extra mile to ensure their patients are comfortable, relaxed and leave the office with the healthiest teeth possible.

What Are Dental Fillings Made Of?

Not every cavity is the same, and there are a variety of materials available for dental fillings. Dr. Khorshid will recommend the very best material for each patient based on the location of the cavity and the amount of decay present. He will also take potential allergies under consideration as well as cost.

Materials that are used to fill cavities include:

  • Amalgam (silver) – Water resistant, extremely strong and relatively inexpensive, amalgam fillings are very common. They look silver, however, so they are best suited for filling back teeth.
  • Gold – Often thought of as the best material for dental fillings, gold fillings must be created in a lab. They can last upwards of 20 years. They are expensive and may require multiple visits to the office.
  • Composite – These fillings are made of a plastic material and can be color-matched to the tooth. They are a good choice for people who have small cavities because composite fillings are prone to chipping over time. Composites are also easily stained by food and beverages and usually need to be replaced more quickly than other types of fillings.
  • Porcelain (ceramic) – Referred to as inlays, porcelain fillings must be created in a lab. They can be color matched to the tooth and are fairly stain resistant. These types of fillings cover most of the tooth and are typically more expensive than amalgam or composite fillings.

What To Expect When You Need A Dental Filling

To fill a cavity, Dr. Khorshid will first numb the tooth, gums, and areas of skin surrounding the tooth to be filled. To do this, he will apply a numbing gel around the area and then inject a localized anesthetic into the area. It takes several minutes for the anesthetic to work. He will test the feeling in your mouth one or more times to ensure the area is fully numb. During this time your face will feel very strange, but most patients find the sensation to be more amusing than alarming.

Then, he will prepare the tooth to be filled. This means he will first remove all of the decayed matter from the tooth using a very small drill. He will also shape out an area in which to place the filling. He will then clean the tooth to ensure all debris has been flushed out of the cavity. Then, he will apply the filling material. Once the dental filling is in place, he may need to shape the filling to fit your mouth and bite. He may ask you to bite down several times on a special piece of paper to test your bite and make sure that it will not be affected by the filling.

What To Expect After The Dental Filling

Immediately following your tooth filling, your face, teeth, and gums will remain numb for a little while, usually less than an hour, but sometimes longer. During this time, you should not try to eat or bite down on the numb portions of your mouth. Since you can’t feel your teeth, it’s possible to bite your tongue or check. Drinking may also be difficult unless from a straw.

The area of the filling may be sensitive for up to a week after your procedure. Dr. Khorshid can recommend a toothpaste that will help with this sensitivity to cold or heat.

Sometimes the gums can swell a little during and after a filling. When the swelling subsides, some patients may find that they can feel their dental filling or that they have a little bit of discomfort in the area of the filling. Call the office immediately and Dr. K can make any necessary adjustments.

You should care for your filled teeth the same way you care for all of your teeth. Brush and floss twice a day and visit Dr. Khorshid every six months for a cleaning and checkup. It is important to understand that cavities do not get smaller or go away.

Ignoring a cavity leads to worse problems 100% of the time. Don’t let a cavity destroy your teeth. ABC Dental Care provides dental fillings in Las Vegas in a calm, safe and relaxing environment.

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